Ballerina Princess Nursery Room

It’s been so long since the last post I wrote. I can’t describe how busy I get since my niece Alessandra was born. I had some chores: making wedding dresses and the most important, taking care of my niece. I tried to finish before and I couldn’t. So many details… installing, sewing, painting, even shooting the photograph to fill the wall frames. I’m getting  a master how to drill walls and it was my first time cutting wood. I will try to explain every detail and how I did it myself, but now, I’m so excited to post the pictures.

We first bought furniture, it was pretty similar to my other sister in her Prince Nursery Room almost everything from Restoration Hardware. I recommend to buy neutral colors on big and expensive furniture. It can look completely different just changing the bedding and walls color. You can use it for boy or girl as well.


I posted before about the Gathered Cornice. You will find all the instructions out there. Curtains are simple silk fabric with black out behind.


The Vintage Hand-Carved Display Shelf and Haylan Dresser in Antique Grey Mist color are from RH Baby and Child. Pink Bunny Plush in Medium Size and Simply White Sabrina Basket in Medium Size are from Pottery Barn Kids. Changing Pad from Buy Buy Baby. Instructions how tho make the tutu here. Basket Linen and Changing Pad Cover are also made by me.


This shelf decoration must be my favorite spot in the whole room.


I made this headband holder and storage with a simple and cheap glass vase. I wrapped it with crochet. I have some pictures of the process. If you want to now how I did it, stay tuned. Headbands are also made by me. I wrote how to made one of them on the Newborn Tutu Outfit post.

hair-tooth-storage copia

This Mud Pie® Ceramic Bear Tooth and Curl Keepsake Boxes in Pink are so lovely, you can find them at Buy Buy Baby.


I didn’t want to decor with natural flowers at the beginning, because sometimes babies can have allergies.   But since her father was bringing flowers frequently and nothing happened I did it. The vase is a juice bottle with a crochet cover.

nursery-decor3 copia

It’s good for kids to start teaching them how to save money when they are little. You can find piggy banks for almost every decoration you want, like this Mud Pie® Piggy Bank in Princess Tiara from Bed Bath and Beyond.


“A” KidKraft® Wooden Letter in White from Buy Buy Baby. Little Pink Bear I found on a Craft Store. I bought it to decorate the Alessandra’s Vintage Baby Shower and decided to stand it in front the wood letter since the space was too white.

nursery-decor2 copia

This is one of my favorites pictures I shoot from the day my niece was born. We said she had a big feet. This White Vintage Frame came from TJ Maxx.


The Reader’s Corner.


I though the first thing she must know how to read and then write is her name. I made this wall art design, then printed as a photo. Weathered Frame in Large Size is from RH Baby and Child.


This Small White Book Shelves are from Pottery Barn Kids.


My favorite pictures from my sister’s pregnancy and my niece in RH Baby and Child Frames.


Links for every single frame: Vintage Hand-Carved Frame in Medium Rectangle, Annabelle Frame in Round, Annabelle Frame in Scallop, Weathered Frame in Small Size, Annabelle Frame in Oval.

baskets1 copia

Large Basket is from Pottery Barn Kids. Basket Linen is made by me. Sleep Sheep On The Go Portable Plush Sound Machine from Babies ‘R Us. Fluffy Hippo was a gift.


Another cute memory to save is the foot and hand prints from the baby. I framed to decor both sides of the crib. Vintage Hand-Carved Frames in Round are from RH Baby and Child. Prints are made with some non toxic acrylic paint and watercolor paper. Also I made another paper picture frame in pink with a rounded cutter.


The most difficult part was the hands print. I would recommend to make this as early you could. Baby starts to move their hands and it won’t help at all.

custom-pillows copia

I made custom bedding for the crib. Gathered skirt, gathered bumper with big bows, pillowcases and letter quilted fitted sheet.


About quilting letters I won’t recommend to do it. It took me forever, but yes!… It’s pretty to worth it!


This is how it looks with the room light turned ON. Crown, Crib and Starry String Lights are from RH Baby and Child. Tulle Canopy was made by me.

Photography by Mayra Arias.

Note: I’m very interested to learn more english, so if you find some mistakes, I will appreciate if you leave a comment to let me know.
Thanks for reading!

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      1. Do you remember what kind of rug it was called? I checked Homegoods’ website (never been there) and they don’t show items online. Is this rug something they keep several stocked of or is it a “lucky find” kind of store like Marshalls is? Also is it vacuumable and shampooable without getting messed up? Thank you SO much for your prompt response!! My daughter would absolutely LOVE this 🙂

        1. …one more question as well 🙂 What type/weave and size/length of silk fabric did you use for the curtains? I love its sheen and how there is a little extra at the bottom! So luxurious! You have beautiful taste!

        2. Hello Taylor! Rug was a “lucky find” and Homegoods is a department of TJmaxx (pretty similar to Marshalls) some stores have this department. It was a bit dirty at the beginning and cleaned by a carpet cleaner with shampoo and vacuuming. It didn’t messed up at all.
          Curtains are made from “silk taffeta”, that’s the name here in Mexico. I know you can find this kind of fabric in home decor and upholstery fabric stores in US. You should take the picture of curtains and tell the attendant, he will know for sure. Also I use “back out fabric” behind, it doesn’t let the sunlight go through. Thank You!

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