DIY Cake Stand


Every 24th day of every single month, since my niece was born, we are celebrating that she is getting older. Not really a big celebration, but we were buying an small cake and taking pictures.

I have a friend who likes to bake. I though was something pretty difficult and I wanted to try. I started to learn from her, making cupcakes. It was so easy! Then we made an small cake for our monthly celebration. Last month I baked my first one by myself and I had no cake stands, so I placed it over a plate. I search in order to buy one and couldn’t find any this size. Thankfully, I found on Pinterest some of them were DIY projects. If you are wondering how it´s made, please keep reading…


  • Small candle stick
  • Tart pan
  • Glue (for metal and crystal)
  • Acrylic spray paint
  • Plastic bag and gloves (to protect surface and hands from paint)
  • Tape measure
  • Crayon



1. Use a tape measure and point with a crayon the center of tart pan on the bottom side.


2. Glue the candle stick, place over the point and press for a bit. I sprayed paint before and then I found was easy to glued before.


3. Protect the place where you are spraying paint with a plastic bag or newspaper sheets. Also, use gloves to protect your hands.  Spray a thin layer of acrylic paint all over bottom side, then let it dry for about 15 minutes. Repeat until all is perfectly covered. Then spray the other side. Let it dry for about three hours or over night.


Now I have my own DIY cake stand and just baked my second cake. A Strawberry ombre rose cake. I will post later the instructions with another similar cake. This time I had some difficulties with frosting and felt uncomfortable to share it as tutorial. I didn’t know at the beginning that I need to place frosting for about 5 minutes in freezer, every 3 minutes. It helps to frosting get stiff and petals turn more beautiful. I’m pretty sure It will be better next time and show the right results.


Even so, it was so yummy ;).


Caution: Don’t place any food right over the cake stand, you should cut a round cardboard or wax paper. It will help to food stay away from paint and also protect the cake stand from knife.

I designed the banner to print and save the template, if you ever need the same (any word), I will give it to any subscriber for free. Just let me know with a comment, also if you have any questions.


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