Gathered Cornice


Recently, I’m very busy decorating my newborn niece and future goddaughter’s nursery room. I’m almost finishing. I bought my first upholstery stapler and I was so excited to make something with. So, my first project was this gathered cornice. I had my own idea and I searched for something similar on Pinterest to show my sister how it would look and couldn’t find it. At the end was more beautiful that I imagined. No complaints from my sister (my niece’s mom).

The instructions next…


  • Measuring tape
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • 1/2″ MDF board
  • Coping saw
  • Wood file
  • 1″x4″x8′ clear pine board (cut at your hardware store the size you want)
  • 1″ cocks
  • Screwdriver gun tool
  • Grinder or hacksaw
  • 2 flat spring tension rod (cut at your hardware store the size you want)
  • Rod holders
  • Screws
  • Nylon cord
  • Stapler
  • Staples
  • Foam to fabric adhesive spray
  • Foam
  • 5 Yards of fabric 
  • Upholstery track strips
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Brackets
  • Anchor

From the beggining to the end…

moldeMeasure your window. Draw your design on paper at least 8″ wider. Only a half, if you want it symmetrical. Cut it. Then draw it on the MDF board.

20140623165713_IMG_8835Cut the MDF board by the line with an electric coping saw. You can also do it with a manual one. For me (stealing my brother’s tools) was kind of difficult to do it perfectly, so I used a wood file to make rounded edges smoother. I asked my local hardware store to cut the right lines. I only cut the rounded because they don’t do that.

20140623170438_IMG_8840Some cocks to assemble.

20140626133719_IMG_9220I used a screwdriver tool to assemble easier.

20140626133958_IMG_9226You can also use a manual screwdriver.

tablasThe pine board.

tablasatornillarAssemble the pine board pieces with cocks and screwdriver gun tool.

armadoIt looks this way assembled.

20140623165857_IMG_8837I used an electric grinder to cut the rods to size. For your safe use clear glasses. You can also ask to be cut at your local hardware store or use a hacksaw.

materialesSome materials: nylon cord, stapler, staples, foam to fabric adhesive spray, foam, fabric and upholstery track strips.

foamCut the foam to cover front and sides of your cornice, 1″ bigger.

foamgrapadoStaple carefully all around.

gateringGather the fabric and staple, similar to the foam.

pipingPipe the cord by sewing machine. Also, you can do it directly with staples if you don’t have one. But this is the easier way.

staplingpipeStaple all the piping on top and bottom. Cut leftovers.

coverpipeCover with the upholstery track strips and more fabric.

reversoIt looks this way behind. But nobody sees that side, so you don’t need to be as perfectionist as me.

escuadrasDrill your wall about 4″ over the window. Use a level if you’re not sure the window is right leveled. Insert anchors (ask your local hardware store which ones are better for your wall). Screw the brackets.

escuadraThe Screws, two are enough.

soportesScrew rod holders. Place the cornice over the brackets and draw into the bracket’s holes. Drill a bit (It will make easier to screw on brackets).

sujetadores2Place universal track carries and clips in rod. Then place rods in holders.

sujetadoresUniversal track carries and clips.

cortinatransparentePlace a simple transparent curtain behind and two blackout curtain in front.

drapeadoThis is how the gathered cornice looks.


Note: I’m very interested to learn more english, so if you find some mistakes, I will appreciate if you leave a comment to let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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