Wanted Poster for Cowboy Party

wanted_posterThe Wanted Wild Western Cowboy poster is a must have in Cowboy Parties. We decided to print it big and put it on the wall behind the Candy Bar at my nephew’s birthday party. It really pop up. If you are wonder how I did it, here are the instructions…

First you should have some knowledge about Photoshop, but the most difficult should be to delete your photo background…

Take a picture of your little boy or girl, something like this one…


Open the photo in Photoshop and delete the background with the background eraser tool. Until you get something like this…

wantedgrayscaleThen go to Menu Image-mode-grey scale. You will get this…

cowboy_2Save it as a PNG file.

Save this background and open it in photoshop.

papergrungebackgroundGo to Menu File – Placing embedded elements and search for the PNG file you saved before.

You will find that you can change the size as you desire by pulling the corners of your incrusted element.

Go to the Menu Layer – Layer style – Fusion options and select Multiply.

It will make to mix your photo and background in order to look old.


Add a simple line border and text. Make sure to choose the perfect font for this theme. I downloaded mine here.

You can also play with the contrast and brightness of your photo.

Good Luck!

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